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Feedback from a recent Online reading

Wendy completed a reading for me via zoom which provided some much needed comfort following the loss of a close relative. She was able to provide details I feel she could not have known. The messages came through fluently and in a way that made sense. And Wendy had a lovely way in relaying the messages. During the reading, she also provided details of another loved one in spirit. Many of the details made perfect sense straight away but some I was unsure of (a link to a geographical place and also a particular type of dog in spirit) however speaking with family, I was able to verify these details after the reading. Thank you Wendy for sharing your beautiful gift through your reading with me. I will certainly be returning for another reading when the timing is appropriate.

Comments from recent Online Groups...

Lynne McIlroy
I started Wendy’s taster sessions during lockdown which led to me joining her online development group. We are into our third six week block and we have had some amazing experiences every week. We have worked on developing the various clairs and there has been some amazing messages delivered. Sometimes the messages from the least expected people. We do group work, meditation and Wendy pairs us off into groups where we work one to one. Being able to still attend development classes at this difficult time has been brilliant and Wendy goes out of her way to help you outside of the group too.

Sarah Gill
In 2018 I became interested in the spiritual world, before this having no previous knowledge or experience in connecting with spirit, I started Wendy’s face to face groups in October 2019, where I went on to have My first encounter connecting with spirit in meditation in March 2020 just before lockdown. I followed on Wendy’s development sessions on zoom. Wendy is kind hearted, informative and always available if you have any questions. Over the development sessions I have learnt a lot about mediumship, being psychic and trusting what I am being told. Over the last few weeks I have really started To trust information I have been given and give them out as a reading in the group. This is thanks to Wendy’s giving guidance and helping with the connection when your doubting yourself, every lesson I never fail to Surprise myself with the information I get given and is taken. Thanks so much for believing in me and giving me the push forward just when I need it Sarah x x

Chris Munster
Testimonial - I have been to Wendy's psychic development group since started working at The Lighthouse Therapy Centre. Wendy is a fantastic teacher, very supportive and has helped me move along in my psychic development and mediumship journey with kindness, patience and passion. I am so glad I have this wonderful teacher to help and support me. Thank you Wendy.

Ryan Wright
Testimonial - Wendy has been my spiritual teacher for almost a year now. All our sessions have been online which have really suited me as I’m not local to Wendy. Her knowledge and experience within Spirituality is vast and this really does show in her teachings. She has a calm, organised and friendly approach to her sessions. Although Wendy has been a medium for a long time, she still appreciates how difficult it can be starting out and gives encouragement and patience to her group. Wendy is very approachable and always happy to help.

Carole Allison
I was always anxious about stepping into a spiritual circle and dint want to go on my own. However after meeting Wendy through Facebook I joined her group on Zoom. I wasn’t sure if this would work but felt more confident joining online. At first I didn’t know anyone but you were made to feel welcome. Wendy is an excellent teacher and very supportive. Including increasing my confidence, Wendy has also been very encouraging and through her I have increased my Psychic and Mediumship skills. I can thoroughly recommend joining One of Wendy’s groups.

Helen Bartram
"I love the mediumship development group, it allows me to explore my ability in a safe and friendly environment. Wendy is very knowledgeable and I learn so much from each session. I was a complete beginner and felt really unsure about whether the class would be for me but I took a chance and it certainly paid off. I have really surprised myself and I am really grateful for the space to explore and learn"

From earlier groups

Yvonne Whyman
I met with Wendy for the first time today. She is empathetic and kind. A lovely lady. Her reading is specific to the person she is with. It was also incredibly accurate for me. There are no generalisations with Wendy. She doesn’t ‘fish’ for information from the client. There are no questions such as "is there a loved one who died of a heart condition" which most families have. She is specific about the persons concerned. I would have no hesitation in recommending Wendy to family and friends.

Becks Jones-Mcalpine
Wendy is a lovely warm person and connected with my mum in the spirit world. This was a wonderful experience and has left me feeling positive, elated and calm. I would highly recommend Wendy to all I know xx

Maria 1-2-1 Reading
Wendy is charming, sincere and obviously very genuine with her readings, I would recommend her.

Jacqui Rogers
She is an amazing medium!! The quality of mediumship was excellent, my message was exact and one I had waited for a long time. God bless you Wendy Dixon

Dee Serena Ashmore
Wendy – you are such an accurate medium with your evidence.

Kerry Delia
I was absolutely blown away with my reading with Wendy. She was so spot on with everything she said. I can't recommend her enough. Thank you Wendy xx

Chris Glover
Hi Wendy it was great connecting with you yesterday ... I was impressed with your honed connection and with the Love in which your messages were delivered, and I thank you again for giving Jac her dad, it means more than you can possibly imagine.

💗 I have thoroughly enjoyed the course, I find Wendy to be warm, helpful and approachable and a great teacher.
💗 Pleased that Wendy persevered with showing us all that we have psychic abilities, in the face of our own self-doubt and negative thoughts, teaching us that we all have ability, just some more than others.
💗 I loved the course – thank you x
💗 I enjoyed doing the different exercises to improve our spiritual and psychic development.
💗 The variety of topics was great. Great to challenge myself and push me out of my comfort zone.
💗 What did you enjoy most about the course? Learning and developing my skills. Building trust and confidence in my abilities.
💗 I wasn’t sure what to expect on this course, or if it was what I would enjoy, but I’ve loved it! It seems to bring together so much of what I’ve learnt and has taken it to another level. Wendy’s informal but structured style of teaching and her persistence with encouraging us to work harder and push ourselves has been a big confidence booster and made for a thoroughly enjoyable course. Thank you

Maurice Cawthorn – Development Group
I had the privilege of sitting in Wendy’s development circles. Wendy is without doubt a most accomplished teacher of mediumship. Her methods and creativity are extremely effective. If ever you have the chance to experience her gift of clairvoyance do not hesitate to be in her company.

Gabrielle Crombie – Development Group
I first joined Wendy’s beginner’s development circle after meeting Wendy at Coberhill on a spiritual seminar. I found Wendy to be very supportive, encouraging and nurturing when I first started in circle. I really believe spirit guides us to the right people at certain times in our lives, I absolutely loved Friday nights in Wellingborough where Wendy’s circle was held. Wendy is very patient and will bring the best out of your abilities. I felt like I was in alignment with my higher self and felt great joy and happiness. Wendy helped me in so many ways with self-belief and confidence, she is a lovely mentor and I would recommend her circle.

I took a meditation class today with the wonderful Wendy Dixon, The class was well structured, very informative, and plenty of opportunity to ask questions. I have done Buddhist meditation previously but I found this to be much more relaxing, and I found I was able to meditate much deeper than I have ever meditated before. Very refreshing. I will be coming regularly to this class as I felt completely re-energised after it. (Feedback from a member of my meditation group, thank you Tanya:)

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