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Wendy is the proud recipient of a Yorkshire Prestige Award
Yorkshire Prestige Award

I am passionate about supporting others and love to work with individuals to empower them to discover their own intuitive spiritual life.

A little bit about me, I am a medium, psychic, coach, teacher, healer, and counsellor. I have been a working medium for over 20 years and teaching mediumship for 15 years. I am accredited to the Institute of Spiritualist Mediums (ISM) as a speaker and medium. I have gained Platform Accreditation for speaking and mediumship with the SNU, and am currently waiting to do my final CSNU assessment, which has been delayed due to Covid-19.

I have worked as a coach for approximately 25 years and use my experience and skills to empower people to become the best version of themselves. Many people feel that there’s something missing in their life, and don’t have any understanding of their soul or life purpose. My coaching programme supports people in searching for that purpose, empowering people to look at different aspects of their spiritual self, and ultimately helping people to live a more inspired, fulfilled and satisfying life. It’s wonderful to see people blossom as they discover new aspects of self.

I returned to the North East in 2017 after spending 30 years living in Northamptonshire. During my time there I worked for a number of multi-national corporates and local government. I was a Business Analyst working with teams to achieve improvements to various systems and processes. I also managed a number of teams over the years; as a qualified coach and mentor, I used these skills to help many achieve their goals and targets.

I now work for myself running Intuitive Life. As a spiritual life coach, I support people and help them to grow spiritually and achieving balance within their life.

My healing journey began with aromatherapy but I could not continue this due to allergies. I decided to do a two year crystal healing course, and achieved an advanced diploma in 2005 from the Spiritual Venturers Association (SVA). During the crystal course, the use of energies fascinated me and as a result I decided to do a Reiki course, I completed level 1 Reiki in Oct 2002 and level 2 in March 2003. In Oct 2019, I decided it was time to complete my Reiki journey and so did my Reiki 3 – Master Teacher certificate. I am working on a training package for Reiki.

More recently I have completed Seichem level 1 and am planning to do level 2 later this year, which will then enable me to use this methodology in my healing practice.

Meditation is so important for so many areas of our lives, many of my clients were asking me to do more meditation with them, and so in March 2019 I gained a qualification to enable me to teach meditation. This has enabled me to help many to manage their anxiety and stress symptoms. It’s also a tool that I use in many other aspects of my life and my work.

Business Information

Mission, Vision & Values

Mission My mission is to support spiritually awakening people in developing their awareness and identifying their spiritual life purpose
Vision To grow an online spiritual community, that supports individual and collective spiritual growth
Values πŸ’— H.E.A.R.T.S.
πŸ’— Honesty to work in a intuitively, transparent and honest way with clients
πŸ’— Empathy to have empathy with clients in relation to their own issues
πŸ’— Authentic & Accepting working in an authentic way, accepting and not judging others beliefs and life choices
πŸ’— Reflection & Resilience to support clients in their reflection of self, whilst encouraging a resilient approach
πŸ’— Trust to encourage a working relationship of trust with my clients
πŸ’— Spirituality to work spiritually with clients to promote their own personal growth