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Welcome to my Intuitive Life website. I'm really excited to be able to offer intuitive services and insight to help you develop your intuitive life.

A little bit about me and how I reached my Intuitive Life.

Until recently, my career was always in the commercial business environment, and I started off in an accounting role. I later progressed to managing a number of teams, and using various coaching techniques to help them achieve their goals and targets. I eventually moved on to become a Business Analyst where I worked with various teams to help them achieve improvements in various systems and processes.

During my career I have worked with many different organisations; from small businesses to corporates and multi nationals.

After spending the last 30 years living and working in Northampton, in 2018 me and my husband decided to return to the North East. At the same time I made the decision to focus on working for myself and now work to help others achieve their goals through my coaching, teaching, healing and readings.

I have always been aware of spirit and fascinated by the spirit realms.

In the late 1990s, after some big life changes, and wanting to gain more understanding of spirituality, I knew it was time for the first step and this was to start my mediumship development, and started attending various workshops and development circles. I was very privileged to start my mediumship development under the guidance of SNU tutor, Maureen Murnan; who as my mentor gave me lots of support and guidance. The majority of my training has taken place at the Arthur Findlay College in Stansted.

As a member of the Spiritualist National Union I demonstrate at church services in many different areas of the country. I have achieved my PAS with the SNU, this being the first part of their CSNU award.

Private readings are very important to me, and it is my hope that through them I can help and support bereaved people bringing them evidence, truth and love from their loved ones in the spirit world. I work on the premise that “love means never being apart” and that our spirit loved ones continue to support and communicate with us whilst surrounding us with their love.

I now run a number of awareness and development groups and am passionate about helping people to become the best medium they can be, by giving them the support and understanding to build their confidence.

I consider my personal development to be a work-in-progress and continue to sit in circle (including trance & physical), attend workshops, and residential courses; where I aim to enhance and continuously improve the level of information, and standard of messages that I am able to give from spirit.

I offer a number of other services, including Meditation groups, Life Coaching, Counselling, Reiki and Crystal Healing.

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To make a booking, an enquiry, or for more details, please contact Wendy Dixon using any of these methods:-

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Kerry Delia

I was absolutely blown away with my reading with Wendy. She was so spot on with everything she said. I can't recommend her enough. Thank you Wendy xx

Yvonne Whyman

I met with Wendy today for the first time today. She is empathetic and kind. A lovely lady. Her reading is specific to the person she is with. It was also incredibly accurate for me. There are no generalisations with Wendy. She doesn’t ‘fish’ for information from the client. There are no questions such as ‘ is there a loved one who died of a heart condition ’ which most families have. She is specific about the persons concerned. I would have no hesitation in recommending Wendy to family and friends.

Becks Jones-Mcalpine

Wendy is a lovely warm person and connected with my mum in the spirit world. This was a wonderful experience and has left me feeling positive elated and calm. I would highly recommend Wendy to all I know xx

Maria 1-2-1 Reading

Wendy is charming, sincere and obviously very genuine with her readings, I would recommend her.

Jacqui Rogers

She is an amazing medium!! The quality of mediumship was excellent, my message was exact and one I had waited for a long time. God bless you Wendy Dixon

Dee Serena Ashmore

Wendy – you are such an accurate medium with your evidence.

Chris Glover

Hi Wendy it was great connecting with you yesterday ... I was impressed with your honed connection and with the Love in which your messages were delivered, and I thank you again for giving Jac her dad, it means more than you can possibly imagine.


Maurice Cawthorn – Development Group

I had the privilege of sitting in Wendy’s development circles. Wendy is without doubt a most accomplished teacher of mediumship. Her methods and creativity are extremely effective. If ever you have the chance to experience her gift of clairvoyance do not hesitate to be in her company.

Gabrielle Crombie – Development Group

I first joined Wendy’s beginner’s development circle after meeting Wendy at Coberhill on a spiritual seminar. I found Wendy to be very supportive, encouraging and nurturing when I first started in circle. I really believe spirit guides us to the right people at certain times in our lives, I absolutely loved Friday nights in Wellingborough where Wendy’s circle was held.Wendy is very patient and will bring the best out of your abilities. I felt like I was in alignment with my higher self and felt great joy and happiness. Wendy helped me in so many ways with self-belief and confidence, she is a lovely mentor and I would recommend her circle.


Feedback from a member of my meditation group, thank you Tanya: I took a meditation class today with the wonderful Wendy Dixon, The class was well structured, very informative, and plenty of opportunity to ask questions. I have done Buddhist meditation previously but I found this to be much more relaxing, and I found I was able to meditate much deeper than I have ever meditated before. Very refreshing. I will be coming regularly to this class as I felt completely re-energised after it.

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Wendy works as a professional Psychic Medium and endeavours to work openly and honestly to bring through messages from your loved ones in the spirit world.

Although Wendy will endeavour to bring through evidence of their continued survival, she cannot guarantee who will come through in your private sittings.

Wendy does not predict the future and all readings are for guidance only; readings are not a substitute for professional, legal, financial or medical advice, each person has free will, and as such is responsible for making their own decisions.

Psychic Readings and demonstrations are under law deemed to be for Entertainment purposes only.

© 2019 Wendy Dixon.